We always glad to meet new assets on Nutshell Exchange. In this section we briefly tell you how to add your asset on Nutshell Exchange and what you need to do to keep listed in our assets list.

How to add asset on Nutshell Exchange

Listing process is quite simple. We done everything to make it easy and fast. Depending on current team load we will review your application and offer you one of possible listing options.

Please find detailed guide how to add your asset on our platform.

In this guide we compiled all required information about listing, prices, terms of listing. In case if you not found required information you can contact service desk team and ask for assistance. 

How to be not delisted

Terms are short, but important.

To be not delisted asset need to satisfy following requirements:

  • Trading volume in 30 days need to be more than 0,1 BTC
  • Asset should have compeleted orders in 30 days.

If asset doesn't feet this requirements, Nutshell Exchange can disable trading pairs or delist asset completely. We also reserve rule to delist or suspend asset in case if asset team doesn't respond our correspondence and/or email.