This section will answer most common questions regarding Exchanges general, deposits, withdrawals, trading and etc.

Remember: investment in crypto-currency is high risk investment. Do not store huge funds amount on any Exchange, including Nutshell Exchange.

We will do everything to keep your data private. But it also risk for us to get punished for this.

No, Nutshell Exchange doesn't require you to pass KYC process or anything else. We ask you just to confirm your email address and your mobile phone via SMS to get password restore method in case if you lose your 2FA device.

Deposit processing time varies from coin to coin and depends mostly on the network performance. Once the transaction has been sent, it cannot be expedited.
If your deposit is not showing in your account, please see below all potential reasons for why this may be happening.
If you do not find your situation described below, please submit a ticket by filling out the form at the end of this article.
Check if the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain
Locate your transaction by searching for your hash on the corresponding blockchain explorer website and check the status.
If the block has not been confirmed by miners yet, please allow more time for the confirmation or contact your sending service support team for assistance.

Make sure that you’ve used the correct address
There’s a separate address for each and every asset on Nutshell Exchange. For example, you cannot send BTC to a USDT address.

Make sure you sent a coin which is supported by Nutshell Exchange
If you deposited a coin which is not supported by Nutshell Exchange into your Nutshell Exchange account, it will be neither credited to your account nor sent back to your external wallet.
How to make sure the asset is supported by Nutshell Exchange? Look up the ticker on your Account page. If it's not there, or if its name or contract address is different from the coin or token that you want to send, it means that we do not support this asset at this time.

If you have not found the reason why your deposit is being delayed, please fill out the form below. Nutshell Exchange Support Team will help you solve the issue.

Fiat currencies (US dollars, euros, British pounds etc.) are not currently supported as trading instruments on Nutshell Exchange. Consequently, there is no way to link your Nutshell Exchange account with your bank account.

However, you can buy bitcoins using your Visa or Mastercard. This option is located on the very top of your Account page and is provided by our partners from Changelly.

You will need to send the purchased coins to your BTC deposit address on Nutshell Exchange.

Nutshell Exchange consists of many parts, which are carefully designed and engineered to work seamlessly together. The matching engine, exchange interface, API – all these components are always online and we are in control of them.

But we are not in control of the software behind coins. We do not develop the wallet software, we use it. And we're not talking about a regular wallet for single-person use. Our traders need a robust wallet capable of performing dozens of operations per second, remaining secure and online at all times. Until a wallet meets the highest requirements, it can't be allowed to operate with our traders' funds.

Wallet maintenance is a major part of our work. Nutshell Exchange holds the record for the amount of coins available for trading. Behind every coin there is a team developing the coin software, making changes, updates, facing issues. We are constantly in touch with our partners, providing mutual assistance. We also can (and often do) make our own changes in the wallet software to adapt it to our traders' needs. In most cases you won't even notice that a certain wallet was down for maintenance – we do it fast.

Still, on very rare occasions it takes a significant time to safely launch a wallet.

Reliability and safety of our traders' funds are our top priorities. Remember that your coins are safe with us, we're taking every measure to keep things this way, even if it occasionally requires for a wallet to be offline for longer than usual.

Blockchain transactions are irreversible and final. That means that once the funds have left your account, there is no way to return them or to determine the receiver.

That is why it is vital to protect your account from intruders.

Set strong password
“Strong” means unique and brute-force protected. Please don't use simple words, dates, names, etc. as your password. It is also a good idea to change your password every few weeks.

It's important to keep your password safe and secure and not disclose it to anyone, even to us. We will never, ever ask you to reveal it!

Enable 2-factor authentication
This is a critical security feature. If anyone learns your password, he or she simply won't be able to use it. Read more about how it generally works.

We have 2FA based on code generating apps (commonly called Google 2FA).

Be careful and always follow simple safety rules.

Your Devices

  • Keep them neat and orderly – be sure that you know what is installed on your devices. Ideally, have a dedicated computer for trading and do not install any applications that are not relevant to trading.
  • Getting Linux installed on your trading computer or just having a Mac is a good idea – although this does not guarantee you 100% safety, it significantly reduces the risks.
  • Do not install any plugins, especially those new to the market, as they can easily turn out to be password-collecting malware. Avoid saving your passwords in your browser.
  • Browser extensions from unknown developers can easily turn out to be malware. They could be used to steal your personal data, intercept your payment details or even to sneakily replace your own deposit address on a web page with the hacker’s address.

Make sure to maintain the same level of security on your phone, tablet, or any other device which stores your 2FA code and passwords. Enable fingerprint check (if available) and the remote erase to use if you lose the phone. Do not share your phone with anyone, especially your children. Uninstall and wipe out all applications that you do not use, upgrade your iOS or Android operating system to the latest version, and please do not jailbreak your phone if you are not a pro (and even if you are a pro, please do think twice before you attempt it!).

You can download the application for Android devices here. Do NOT install any other mobile applications advertised as Nutshell Exchange.


Don’t worry, simply using WiFi is not dangerous. Unless you connect to the network from a country with forcibly installed, state-owned SSL certificates, your data is transferred using the latest generation of SSL. If you still feel concerned about your safety, use VPN.


  • Do NOT use the same password more than once. That goes for your email and any other website. The most secure option is a combination of a randomly generated password and a trusted password manager, we recommend KeePass.
  • Do not share your password with anybody and never send it to third parties in any type of message. The only person who needs your password is yourself – a Nutshell Exchange support team representative will never ask for it.


We ask you to enable 2FA when you register at Nutshell Exchange because your security is our top priority. Please be sure that you enabled it.

Whitelist of withdrawal addresses

This brand new feature lets you create a list of approved addresses to withdraw your funds to. It is a great tool to prevent a withdrawal to an unknown address in the event that your account or even email gets compromised. This is a perfect way to triple-secure your funds (in addition to 2FA and confirmation emails).


We recommend that you set up a separate email address for trading. Gmail is a basic reliable option. Do not forget to enable the 2-step authentication, so that if your mailbox is accessed from an unknown device you’ll get notified.

Using your email

  • Never open unexpected attachments, especially if they contain files of unfamiliar or unknown type or documents/files you have not requested.
  • Never click on any unexpected external links sent to you in an email. Or, if you have to, please make sure you know why you are clicking it: for example, if you have just registered and we are asking you to confirm your email address and enable the 2FA. When receiving this type of email, please check the From line. If it came from |LS|any mailbox title|RS| (not “hlt”, not “heet” etc.), most likely it is a verified sender. One letter can make a huge difference.
  • Keep an eye on your Inbox. Whenever your account is accessed from a new IP address, we will promptly notify you via email. We will also send you emails about any other major events, such as withdrawals. Be on the lookout for such notifications: they will help you detect illegitimate activity as quickly as possible.

Phishing websites

Although new kinds of scam are being invented every day, the old tricks continue to work quite well: people naively click on links that look vaguely familiar that lead them to seemingly recognizable websites.

The one and only URL for Nutshell Exchange is, any other URL is a phishing site. Do not trust lookalikes, do not enter your login and password if you have doubts about the website you just clicked. The best option would be to simply bookmark the legitimate Nutshell Exchange page or enter our address manually every time.

Please contact Nutshell Exchange Support immediately if you think you have received a suspicious message or noticed a suspicious activity. We monitor and promptly respond to all phishing activities, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Contacting support

Nutshell Exchange does not currently have phone or voice support. Please do not call any line advertised as Nutshell Exchange support and hang up any phone call with anyone who claims to be a Nutshell Exchange support team rep.

The only Nutshell Exchange contacts are those you see in the “Contacts” section on our website. If in doubt, please contact support before you send an email message or chat to someone on Facebook or Twitter.

Last but not least: Nutshell Exchange NEVER asks you to send any money to participate in any contest or lottery. Please be careful, protect yourself with simple but reliable steps we recommend, pay more attention to the actions you take both online and offline, and use safe networks.


Done making sure that your account is secure? It's time to initiate your first deposit!