Dogecoin promo listing bundle

Promo listing bundle for DOGE only. Limited offer.

Our team really love Dogecoin. Its fast, secure and funny.

Because of this we would like to announce first promo listing bundle. You can pay it in DOGE only. Thats the point. And what do we offer right now:

You can choose bundle or single product. Secondary listing pairs like ASSET/LTC, ASSET/ETH, ASSET/DOGE, ASSET/USDT can not be chosen without ASSET/BTC trading pair.

Ethereum promo listing

Ethereum limited promo listing offer.

Ethereum is a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications.

On Ethereum, you can write code that controls digital value, runs exactly as programmed, and is accessible anywhere in the world.

As a 0 day special offer we proud to announce one time use only promo for listing. 

You can easly list your asset to Bitcoin (BTC) with a huge discount. 

Offer active for 72 hours.

Payments accepted only in ETH.

Listing price is 1 ETH and includes only ASSET/BTC pair listing.

Promo code for listing application: 00NSETH

Listing remaining: 1 of 1

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