Nutshell DeFi - what we would offer you

Nutshell DeFi - a second step for project

Everyone understand that Exchange only - nothing new. That is old and traditional tool. Nevermind is it centralized or not. Nutshell team looking into future. And as we are long term project, we are going to implement all trends inside our infrastructure.

And we glad to announce Nutshell DeFi platorm

But together with Nutshell DeFi we are going to announce a massive AirDrop for Nutshell Tokens.

We have at the moment ERC20 and WAVES version of Nutshell Exchange Token. And we are running bounty at this moment. We promised AirDrops and we are working to get it done (this is will be additional announcement).


NTSHE: Nutshell Exchange token news

NTSHE: New opportunity for Nutshell Exchange Token holders

Dear Nutshell clients,

you know better than we about high Ethereum Network gas price which is stable last 2 months. Because of this even small transactions of ERC20 token have high cost.

Right now we are running bounty campaign which is growing day to day. We belive that cost cutting is good for everyone. Because of that we released NTSHE - Nutshell Exchange Waves token.

Waves is an open blockchain protocol and development toolset for Web 3.0 decentralized solutions that enables anyone to build their own applications.

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