Nutshell DeFi

Nutshell DeFi - a second step for project

Everyone understand that Exchange only - nothing new. That is old and traditional tool. Nevermind is it centralized or not. Nutshell team looking into future. And as we are long term project, we are going to implement all trends inside our infrastructure.

And we glad to announce Nutshell DeFi platorm

But together with Nutshell DeFi we are going to announce a massive AirDrop for Nutshell Tokens.

We have at the moment ERC20 and WAVES version of Nutshell Exchange Token. And we are running bounty at this moment. We promised AirDrops and we are working to get it done (this is will be additional announcement).


Back to Nutshell DeFi platform

Main idea is quite simple. Savings and loans. Like in bank, but without bank. Problem in all that - how to verify clients when we not apply and KYC and/or AML to Nutshell clients?

DeFi will have dedicated infrastructure which is not involve any Nutshell accounts. All authentication will be based on dedicated pattern and will require KYC, but not in traditional version. We will keep clients privacy and reach our interest to trust our clients.

Main products are savings account and loan account.

Any user can become investor and loan his funds to another user, but Nutshell platform will regulate it relations and support supplimentary operations like transparent loan with lower interest rate to provide loan with higher interest to another customer.

Lets describe main products which offer Nutshell DeFi:

You minimum income will be determined during contract activation. Each contract will have different % of your interest which will depend on current market situation and fixed. By accepting this contract you give your funds as loan to other clients category, DeFi and you getting your interest on this operation. If market situation will have serious changes during active contract, it options can be reviewed by Nutshell or your request.
DeFi acting as agent to arrange you loan. Nutshell processing your and Investor transactions and you have agreement with Nutshell. Depending on specific deal, you can loan in crypto or in some terms in FIAT currency.

When, what and other details

We are going to release beta version on 1st November, 2020

It will include application it self, website and detailed terms of service.

This version will have all functions working. However it can require additional changes.

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