Waves Exchange

NTSHE: New opportunity for Nutshell Exchange Token holders

Dear Nutshell clients,

you know better than we about high Ethereum Network gas price which is stable last 2 months. Because of this even small transactions of ERC20 token have high cost.

Right now we are running bounty campaign which is growing day to day. We belive that cost cutting is good for everyone. Because of that we released NTSHE - Nutshell Exchange Waves token.

Waves is an open blockchain protocol and development toolset for Web 3.0 decentralized solutions that enables anyone to build their own applications.

Token issue information

 Issuer 3PJCfd86vEGmD2x2XyiDFdjJsn7nUBK6aFN
 ID 5mmm6a7kLB5BqmkYXtxYmyoG2REFEszz7HpghbgLDU1d
 Total amount
 Decimal points 2
 Type Reissuable
 Issue date 18.09.2020 02:18


Please find attached trading pairs:





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