Dogecoin special promo.

Promo listing bundle for DOGE only. Limited offer.

Our team really love Dogecoin. Its fast, secure and funny.

Because of this we would like to announce first promo listing bundle. You can pay it in DOGE only. Thats the point. And what do we offer right now:

You can choose bundle or single product. Secondary listing pairs like ASSET/LTC, ASSET/ETH, ASSET/DOGE, ASSET/USDT can not be chosen without ASSET/BTC trading pair.

Service type Price, DOGE
Asset listing to BTC 100 000 DOGE
Asset listing to LTC 10 000 DOGE
Asset listing to ETH 10 000 DOGE
Asset listing to DOGE 5 000 DOGE
Asset listing to USDT 10 000 DOGE
Bundle offer (includes all pairs) 120 000 DOGE










This bundle offer have usage limit. It equal to 10 applications.

Current listing remains: 10 of 10.

Special terms: 1st application will get special discount (non-public)

Promo code for listing applications: NS1DOGE

To prevent promo-code mispelling because of our fonts, we ask you always make copy/paste.

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